What to expect from your first class.


July 24, 2016

Your First Class

Starting any new activity is a daunting experience for most people. When starting a new activity such as Muay Thai people are understandably very nervous and maybe even a little bit scared. These feelings usually last until about half way through the first class, at this point they have realised that the class is full of other beginners just like themselves and that everyone is friendly and encouraging. At Lionheart Muay Thai we have men and women from all over the world and all walks of life training alongside each other, helping each other impove. Your reason for joining a muay thai gym is probably to lose weight or to learn self defence but i promise that you will be pleasantly surprised by the social benefits of training at a Muay Thai gym. I have personally met some of my best friends from all over the world through Muay Thai.

What can I expect?

Try to arrive 10 minutes early so that you can get checked in and get your handwraps on. The class will start with a warm up consisting of bodyweight movements and some dynamic stretching. All the exercises will be demonstrated by the trainer. Our warm up is easy to follow so you wont feel like you dont know what you are doing.

After the warm up you will be given a minute to get a drink of water. After the short break the rest of the class will start some shadow boxing. As it’s your first class we dont expect you to know how to shadow box so one of our qualified trainers will take you and teach you basic stance and movement.

After shadow boxing the trainers will instruct the class to put on shinpads and gloves. They will then demonstrate whatever combination or technique they have decided to work on that day. As its your first class one of our qualifed trainers will teach you basic striking technique on the pads. You wont be doing anything advanced during your first class.

After the pad or technique work the trainers will generally finish off the class with some abwork and stretching.

Frequently asked question’s:

How many people are in each class?
You can expect anywhere between 5 – 30 people in class, depending on the day and time of your first class. Beginners class is generally busier than the other classes.

Will there be other beginners?
There will always be beginners in our morning classes and evening beginners classes. The only classes that you will not find beginners is our int-adv classes on Monday-Thursday @ 8-9:30pm.

What should I wear?
You should wear loose comfortable shorts and tshirt to your first class. We train in bare feet, and require you to take your shoes off at the door … so easy shoes to put on and take off are best. New members are allowed to use the gym gloves and shinpads for the first 2 weeks of training however you are required to have handwarps during your first class. We sell handwraps in the gym for only €10. If you decide that you like the training you should purchase your own shinpads and gloves. We sell a beginners pack in the gym for €100 consisting of gloves, shinpads and handwraps.

Do I need to be fit?
NO NO NO, you do not need to be fit to start training. Our training will make you fit!

Can I train with a pre-existing injury?
Absolutely – just be sure to get the ok from your doctor and let your instructor know. There may be some things you are unable to do but one of the beauties of Muay Thai is that you have 8 weapons to work with. If your foot is injured work on your hands etc. All exercises can be adjusted to take into account your injury/personal situation.

Will I get hurt?
Safety is our number one priority, so the chances of being hurt are very slim.

If you would like a brief look inside one of our beginners classes then check out this video below.

If you have anymore questions or would like to book into a class the please contact us in the meassage box below.

Tony Olin

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